About Ishak Pasa Hotel

Ottoman Heritage

Ishakpasa Konagi Hotel is suited in the historic center of Istanbul.

This 200 year old building was lived in by "Ishak Pasa" who was one of the Ottoman Emperor's Pasha personal security. After the was assigned to another city, the building was used as a dormitory for ladies working a topkapi palace. At the end of the Ottoman times the historic buildin began use as a school for the Quran. At the beginning of the Turkish Republic after the Ottoman Empire, many small Quran educational houses were closed by the government and all religious courses consolidated as one foundation. After these changes, the building was used as a government building until 2012.

Ottoman Architecture

Built with Ottoman architecture, wonderfully preserved architecture from the past to the present. Our guests will feel themselves in the center of old Istanbul.


Our specially selected professional chefs will give you taste the special flavors of the world. You will immediately enjoy ethnic and international dishes.


Get ready for extraordinary nights with unique cocktails and night events.


A garden of heaven on the walls of the Topkapi palace will allow you to relax.

You are in history

Our hotel is in the center of old Istanbul, next to the walls of Topkapi Palace. Istanbul has been the capital of the Eastern Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.